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A discussion is presented of some of the implementation constraints imposed on VLSI architectures for emulations of very large connectionist/neural networks (VLCNs). Specifically, the authors show that multiplexing of interconnections is necessary for networks exhibiting poor locality. They show that it is more feasible to build a VLCN system with sharing(More)
We present a general class of compressed sensing matrices which are then demonstrated to have associated sublinear-time sparse approximation algorithms. We then develop methods for constructing specialized matrices from this class which are sparse when multiplied with a discrete Fourier transform matrix. Ultimately, these considerations improve previous(More)
Data mining is one of the most important areas in the 21st century with many wide ranging applications. These include medicine, finance, commerce and engineering. Pattern mining is amongst the most important and challenging techniques employed in data mining. Patterns are collections of items which satisfy certain properties. Emerging patterns are those(More)
Web services are beginning to play a major role in future Web architectures and software applications. One of the most important research directions in the area of Web services is the development of techniques for automatically discovering collections of services that satisfy a set of interestingness constraints. Discovery of interesting collections of Web(More)
In agent systems, an agent's recovery from, execution problems is often complicated by constraints that are not present in a more traditional distributed, database systems environment. An analysis of agent-related crash recovery issues is presented, and requirements for achieving 'acceptable' agent crash recovery are discussed. Motivated by this analysis, a(More)
Emerging patterns are collections of items whose frequency changes significantly from one dataset to another. They are a means of discovering distinctions and contrasts between a collection datasets and have been shown to be a powerful method for constructing accurate classifiers. In this paper, we examine some different types of emerging patterns, look at(More)
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