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We proposed to establish a system of assessing severity of chondropathy taking into account localization, size, and depth of cartilage lesions. The design of the study was prospective and multicenter. The subjects were 755 patients who had undergone arthroscopy of the knee. Criteria for assessment of severity of chondropathy were as follows: (a) Physician's(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The knee has little capacity for spontaneous regeneration of deep cartilage defects. In 1999, the French Society of Arthroscopy initiated a multicentric clinical trial on autologous chondrocyte transplantation using the technique described by Brittberg and Peterson. The protocol of this prospective study was validated by the ethics(More)
STUDY AIM The aim of this study was to describe the treatment of symptomatic knee cartilage defects on young active patients by autologous chondrocyte implantation and to report preliminary results in 24 patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Since April 1996, 24 selected patients underwent 25 implantations in five military hospitals. There were 19 men and five(More)
An external fixation frame for the leg is made up of Bonnel pins, strengthened by bands of autopolymerising resin. The experiment shows this apparatus to be solid, reliable and easy to use. The technique of application is extremely simple and the cost low. The indications are the same as those of proven classical fixation devices, which must be preferred(More)
High femoral epiphysiolysis is a frequent disability in French Polynesia, occurring more in obese young people that being a morphotype quite frequent in this geographical area. It is often at the stage of acute epiphysiolysis or fixed coxa vara these patients are examined. At such stage, sequellae are major and evolving to precocious coxarthrosis. It is at(More)
Garfish, which are found in the Indo-Pacific ocean areas, have a long spear-like beak with two narrow jaws and small pointed teeth. They often make sudden leaps while swimming, particularly when attracted by bright lights or when frightened by boats or by one of their predators, mainly in warm seasons. Serious injuries may be caused by a fish jumping and(More)