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BACKGROUND Myofibrillar myopathies (MFM) are a group of phenotypically and genetically heterogeneous neuromuscular disorders, which are characterized by protein aggregations in muscle fibres and can be associated with multisystemic involvement. METHODS We screened a large cohort of 38 index patients with MFM for mutations in the nine thus far known(More)
A n 11-year-old, male castrated Australian shepherd dog presented for evaluation of acute exacerbation of chronic kidney disease (CKD). The dog had a history of stage III CKD a (borderline proteinuric, blood pressure unknown) that had been stable for 4 years. The dog had last been evaluated 5 months earlier. At that time, blood urea nitrogen (BUN)(More)
BACKGROUND People donating blood more than twice annually are at risk of developing iron deficiency. Little is known about the iron status of dogs enrolled in blood donor programs. HYPOTHESIS Dogs donating blood ≥6 times annually will show evidence of iron deficiency based on their reticulocyte indices. ANIMALS Thirteen dogs enrolled in a blood donor(More)
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