J. B. Ryu

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In this paper, we present AR Paint, a fusion system of a paint tool and Augmented Reality (AR) that can augment in-place hand-drawn paintings onto an object. The system allows users to draw anything using the paint tool and then augment it onto an object whenever they want while providing a new experience and enjoyment during the process. It also has(More)
Recognizing dynamic scenes is one of the fundamental problems in scene understanding, which categorizes moving scenes such as a forest fire, landslide, or avalanche. While existing methods focus on reliable capturing of static and dynamic information, few works have explored frame selection from a dynamic scene sequence. In this paper, we propose dynamic(More)
Real-world face recognition using a single sample per person (SSPP) is a challenging task. The problem is exacerbated if the conditions under which the gallery image and the probe set are captured are completely different. To address these issues from the perspective of domain adaptation, we introduce an SSPP domain adaptation network (SSPP-DAN). In the(More)
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