J. B. Millard

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The physical treatment most frequently used for the hands in rheumatoid arthritis is the local paraffinwax bath. It was first described by Humphris (1919) and since then has been in general use. The standard textbooks of physical medicine and rheumatology refer to wax baths as being of value, but we have been unable to find any critical attempt to assess(More)
This study was conducted to determine radionuclide tissue levels in cattle raised near U mining and milling facilities. Ambrosia Lake, New Mexico, has been the site of extensive U mining for 30 y and contains several underground U mines, a processing mill, and two large U tailings piles. Ten cows were purchased from two grazing areas in Ambrosia Lake and(More)
Note: Many of the corrections below are "cosmetic", such as revised spacings between symbols or commas, and are designed to make the text easier to read. These were included in the as yet unrealized hope that the publisher would reprint the text or at least include these corrections in an errata sheet. However, most of the errors corrected below are(More)