J. B. Millard

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The consumption of bi-valve molluscan shellfish has been associated with outbreaks of viral gastroenteritis and hepatitis A. Investigations were undertaken to determine the heat inactivation conditions necessary to render shellfish such as cockles safe for the consumer. Conditions for the laboratory maintenance of live cockles are described. In preliminary(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluating medication adherence in Parkinson's disease (PD) is important to avoid erroneously attributing suboptimal patient outcomes from poor compliance to disease progression or adverse responses to medications. OBJECTIVE This study of patients with PD who were new to PD drug therapy examined patient compliance and persistence, by drug, to(More)
A blank-correction error-detection decoder can be used to give any desired degree of decoding from simple error detection to essentially maximum likelihood error correction. Failsafe performance is obtained if a fixed number of digits are erased before decoding with maximum failsafe protection obtained with a zero threshold detector preceeding the decoder(More)
This study was conducted to determine radionuclide tissue levels in cattle raised near U mining and milling facilities. Ambrosia Lake, New Mexico, has been the site of extensive U mining for 30 y and contains several underground U mines, a processing mill, and two large U tailings piles. Ten cows were purchased from two grazing areas in Ambrosia Lake and(More)
The physical treatment most frequently used for the hands in rheumatoid arthritis is the local paraffinwax bath. It was first described by Humphris (1919) and since then has been in general use. The standard textbooks of physical medicine and rheumatology refer to wax baths as being of value, but we have been unable to find any critical attempt to assess(More)
The purpose of this short review is to provide a commonly accepted definition of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), to illustrate the widespread use of CAM by people affected by cancer around the world, and to highlight the research contributions of the Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CCAM) research team and its colleagues. Based(More)
The Asiago Supernova Catalog is used to carry out a comparative study of supernova absolute-magnitude distributions. An overview of the absolute magnitudes of the supernovae in the current observational sample is presented, and the evidence for subluminous and overluminous events is examined. The fraction of supernovae that are underluminous (MB > −15)(More)