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Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is a virulent, rapidly progressive, potentially fatal illness which demands early diagnosis and aggressive medical and possible surgical therapy. Although most commonly reported in persons with poorly controlled diabetes, it may occur in other immunosuppressed hosts. In persons with leukemia the disease has been uniformly fatal. A(More)
A flexible silicone obturator is an alternative to the acrylic resin obturator. It can be useful for patients with severe trismus who cannot insert a large prosthesis, as the flexibility of the hollow silicone section allows easy placement and removal (Fig. 9). Other patients cannot tolerate an unyielding substance against sensitive nasal tissues. Silicone(More)
1. Marginal mandibulectomy patients with a postoperative obliteration of the vestibule were treated prosthodontically in accordance with the "denture space" concept. 2. All patients presented displayed adequate form and function with the prostheses during a period ranging from 2 to 6 years without being subjected to preprosthetic surgery. 3. The most(More)