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Nine young athletes performed treadmill exercise at average VO2 levels of 1.08, 1.78, 3.00, and 3.57 l/min while exposed to inspired PCO2 levels of 0, 10, 20, 30, and 40 Torr. The average slope of the VE-PACO2 relationship increased significantly from 3.59 to 4.70 l.min-1.Torr-1 in the transition from rest to light exercise and then decreased progressively(More)
A device was constructed which allowed subatomospheric pressures of up to -50 mm Hg to be applied to the neck, or to the head plus neck, of volunteer subjects riding on the USAFSAM centrifuge. Breathing pressures were always atmospheric. The G tolerance was measured during gradual (0.1 G.s-1) and rapid onset (1.0 G.s-1) runs and heart rate was monitored.(More)
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