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We consider the problem of the measurement of very small displacements in the transverse plane of an optical image with a split photodetector. We show that the standard quantum limit for such a measurement, which is equal to the diffraction limit divided by the square root of the number of photons used in the measurement, cannot be overcome by use of(More)
We present a 2D NMR investigation of the gapped spin-1/2 compound Cu2(C5H10N2D2)2Cl4. Our measurements reveal the presence of a magnetic field-induced transverse staggered magnetization (TSM) which persists well below and above the field-induced 3D long-range magnetically ordered (FIMO) phase. The symmetry of this TSM is different from that of the TSM(More)
We have investigated the quantum J1 − J2 − J3 model on the honeycomb lattice with exact diagonalizations and linear spin-wave calculations for selected values of J2/J1, J3/J1 and antiferromagnetic (J1 > 0) or ferromagnetic (J1 < 0) nearest neighbor interactions. We found a variety of quantum effects: ”order by disorder” selection of a Néel ordered(More)
Texture evolution is an important issue in materials and nanosciences. Understanding it is fundamental for controlling the final orientation, which in fine controls the desired properties of nanodevices. Here, we reveal the formation of a peculiar texture during the silicidation of nanoscale Pd thin films. We demonstrate that the crystallographic(More)
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