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The effect of pregnancy on the humoral immune response induced by Trypanosoma cruzi was studied in groups of chronically infected and pregnant mice (IP) or chronically infected and nonpregnant mice (INP) of strain BALB/c. Groups of noninfected and nonpregnant mice (NINP) or noninfected and pregnant mice (NIP) served as controls. The pregnant mice were(More)
We report our single institution's effort to standardize the method of collecting peripheral blood progenitor cells (PBPC) used for autologous transplantation. PBPC were mobilized by different types of chemotherapy followed by G-CSF (24 patients) or G-CSF alone (six patients) in 30 patients with various underlying neoplastic diseases. A median of three(More)
In order to study the influence of iron overload on the polymorphonuclear leucocyte (PMN) metabolism of patients on chronic hemodialysis, generation of superoxide anion (O2-) by PMN in whole blood was compared in two groups of hemodialyzed patients: group A consisted of twenty-one individuals with serum ferritin levels above 1000 ng/ml and group B of(More)
Human recombinant interferon-alpha 2C was given to 4 patients with essential thrombocythaemia. Three patients achieved a complete remission on day 19 +/- 1 and the 4th achieved a partial remission. After 4 weeks of induction therapy, a maintenance therapy of twice weekly intramuscular injections of 5 X 10(6) or 10 X 10(6) IU was instituted but did not(More)
The peripheral lymphocytes of a patient with prodromal acquired immune deficiency syndrome contained giant multivesicular bodies. These were specifically stained by immuno-gold labelled polyclonal antibodies against the major core protein p24 of bovine leukaemia virus and human T cell leukaemia virus I. Moreover, the patient's serum was positive for bovine(More)
The true incidence of bedside transfusion errors, i.e. those happening when blood products have left the blood bank, is underestimated because published figures rely on reporting of clinically relevant events or on indirect methods. The SAnGUIS project assessing blood practice in a prospective and randomized fashion for 6 elective surgical procedures gave(More)
•Background: Endogenous posterior uveitis (PU) can be associated with systemic diseases, and certain forms have strong association with HLA antigens. Much less is known regarding intermediate uveitis (IU). The purpose of this study was to determine whether IU is associated with the HLA system and whether it can be associated with systemic symptoms.(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY To report results of percutaneous ultrasound-guided drainage, performed by a surgeon, in the treatment of complications of acute pancreatitis (AP), and to determine the role of this technique in the therapeutic armamentarium of severe AP. PATIENTS AND METHODS From 1986 to 2001, 59 patients were included in this retrospective study. All(More)
The course of Trypanosoma cruzi infection was studied in an experimental model, using the offspring of mice that were chronically infected with T. cruzi. When infected two months after birth, a higher mortality rate in heavily parasitized mice occurred in these offspring than in controls born to uninfected mothers. The harmful maternal influence reached a(More)