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The IMAGEN study: reinforcement-related behaviour in normal brain function and psychopathology G Schumann, E Loth, T Banaschewski, A Barbot, G Barker, C Büchel, PJ Conrod, JW Dalley, H Flor, J Gallinat, H Garavan, A Heinz, B Itterman, M Lathrop, C Mallik, K Mann, J-L Martinot, T Paus, J-B Poline, TW Robbins, M Rietschel, L Reed, M Smolka, R Spanagel, C(More)
A litter of 5-week-old Doberman Pinschers with pustular dermatitis was treated dermally with a hexachlorophene-containing emulsion. Shortly after a second treatment, all of the puppies developed neurologic signs consisting of muscle tremors, ataxia, and apparent muscle weakness. The clinical history and signs, histologic lesions within the central nervous(More)
A diabetic cat with hyperadrenocorticism had polydipsia, polyuria, ventral abdominal alopecia, thin dry skin, and a pendulous abdomen. Results of laboratory testing indicated persistent resting hypercortisolemia, hyperresponsiveness of the adrenal glands (increased cortisol concentration) to ACTH gel, and no suppression of cortisol concentrations after(More)
A cat with severe weight loss and small bowel diarrhea was diagnosed as having lymphocytic-plasmacytic enteritis. Treatment with medium chain triglycerides and glucocorticoids was palliative. This disease appears similar to that reported in Basenji dogs. In retrospect, dietary therapy should also have been attempted since cats with a similar infiltration of(More)
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