J. B. D. Cabrera

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In this paper we discuss ongoing efforts at Scientific Systems towards the development of e$ective strategies for traf ic management of ATM networks using SelfLearning Adaptive (SLA) techniques. We extended our previous SLA techniques to bursty trafic patterns and show how an approximation to SLA, called proportional feedback, can be used to manage(More)
We present a methodology to detect changes in quality of information (QoI) of data received by an autonomous entity. QoI is defined as the inverse of the expected Kullback-Leibler distance between a reference probability distribution and the conditional distribution associated with the data. When the underlying dynamic process that generates the data is(More)
This paper examines two aspects of network intrusion detection which have critical relevance for the configuration (understood as allocation of memory and CPU) of intrusion detection systems (IDSs) hosts and for their operational performance: the presence of heavy tails in the service times for the preprocessing stage, and the presence of substantial(More)
Distributed Denial of Service attacks is major threats these days over internet applications and web services. These attacks moving forward towards application layer to acquire and waste maximum CPU cycles. By requesting resources from web services in huge amount using rapid fire of requests, attacker automated programs utilizes all the capability of(More)
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