J B Cabral Neto

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The coding properties of abasic sites have been studied in mammalian cells using a single-stranded shuttle vector carrying a unique abasic site. The probe was produced by digestion with the uracil DNA glycosylase of a uracil-containing oligonucleotide which was inserted in the single-stranded vector. After replication in monkey COS7 cells able to support(More)
An aqueous solution of the latex of Euphorbia tirucalli collected at sites receiving large amounts of sunlight showed molluscicide action on Biomphalaria glabrata, with LD50 obtained at the concentration of 28,0 ppm and LD90 at the concentration of 85,0 ppm. The toxicity of the product for fish was similar to that of Bayluscide and of copper sulfate used(More)
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