J. B. Bendas

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  • J. B. Bendas
  • 20th Design Automation Conference Proceedings
  • 1983
The design and verification subsystem (DAV) within IBM's engineering design system (EDS) was developed to significantly increase logic designer productivity. To obtain this gain in productivity, emphasis was placed on creating a system environment which would encourage a structured approach towards design. A key component within DAV is the logic(More)
Affective touch is of fundamental importance in human social interactions and there is an increasing interest in using touch as a probe for general affective perception. To this end, we developed a test of preferred velocity (ToP-V) of touch and tested whether the individually preferred stroking velocity is a stable and valid measurement. In study one,(More)
BACKGROUND Unmyelinated low-threshold mechanoreceptors-the so-called C-tactile (CT) afferents-play a crucial role in the perception and conduction of caressing and pleasant touch sensations and significantly contribute to the concept of erotic touch perception. AIM To investigate the relations between sexual desire and sexual performance and the(More)
The perception of disgust is a powerful but yet puzzling emotion, aiming at the prevention of potential microbial pathogens and being directly linked to olfactory processing in its neurophysiological pathways via the anterior insular cortex. In sample of healthy participants with a natural variation in olfactory function, we investigated the relation(More)
Unmyelinated low threshold C-tactile fibers moderate pleasant aspects of touch. These fibers respond optimally to stroking stimulation of the skin with slow velocities (1-10 cm/s). Low threshold mechanoreceptors are arranged around hair follicles in rodent skin. If valid also in humans, hair follicle density (HFD) may relate to the perceived pleasantness of(More)
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