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A 4-base pair deletion in the neuronal serine protease neurotrypsin gene was associated with autosomal recessive nonsyndromic mental retardation (MR). In situ hybridization experiments on human fetal brains showed that neurotrypsin was highly expressed in brain structures involved in learning and memory. Immuno-electron microscopy on adult human brain(More)
Two areas of active research are likely to have a major impact on the future performance of the Internet. These are firstly, the evaluation of the buffer size required to ensure fair, stable and efficient sharing of link bandwidth and secondly, the proposition of new congestion control algorithms, more suitable for increasingly high link speeds than the(More)
Craniofacial abnormalities are one of the most common birth defects in humans, but little is known about the human genes that control these important developmental processes. To identify relevant genes, we analyzed transcription profiles of human pharyngeal arch 1 (PA1), a conserved embryonic structure that develops into the palate and jaw. Using(More)
The issue of buffer sizing is rightly receiving increasing attention with the realization that the bandwidth delay product rule-of-thumb is becoming unsustainable as link capacity continues to grow. In the present paper we examine this issue from the light of our understanding of traffic characteristics and the performance of statistical bandwidth sharing.(More)
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