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The patient and his or her treatment is the main focus of the multidisciplinary team in the Renal Unit, yet the most important part of the patient's life is that spent at home, outside the hospital. It is important to recognise the contribution to care of the patient's family, especially the spouse. It is also important to understand the carer's needs.(More)
The gene encoding elongation factor EF-la from Thermococcus ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS celer was localised to a 3 kb BamHI/HindUl fragment of . , . , , „ „ „ . , , . . . . chromosomal DNA by hybridisation analysis using a DNA W e a r e g r e a t l v m d e b t e d t o H.-P.Klenk for kindly providing fragment specific for EF-la from Sulfolobus acidocaldarius (1).(More)
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