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This paper presents the design of a recurrent neural network trained Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (RNN-SFLA) for identification and tracking control of a nonlinear continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR). The RNN is applied to approximate unknown dynamic of system and SFLA is used to train and optimize the connection weights of RNN. In the proposed(More)
Face recognition is a biometric identification method which among the other methods such as, finger print identification, speech recognition, signature and hand written recognition has assigned a special place to itself. In principle, the biometric identification methods include a wide range of sciences such as machine vision, image processing, pattern(More)
Today, having a good flatness control in steel industry is essential to ensure an overall product quality, productivity and successful processing. Flatness error, given as difference between measured strip flatness and target curve, can be minimized by modifying roll gap with various control functions. In most practical systems, knowing the definition of(More)
A robust Fractional Order PDD (FOPDD) controller is designed for a nonlinear spacecraft rendezvous subject to uncertain conditions considering actuator saturation. The controller is designed for the linear and decouples system. It is applied on nonlinear uncertain system in large maneuverings. In order to design the FOPDD controller, the specifications are(More)
Face recognition has assigned a special place to itself because of its low intrusiveness, low cost and effort and acceptable accuracy. There are several methods for recognition and appearance based methods is one of the most popular one. Unfortunately most of the papers that have been published these years have just shown the results on the databases that(More)