J. Artur Serrano

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AIMS The aim of this study was to determine the utility of pulsed wave Doppler tissue imaging in the evaluation of regional left ventricular diastolic function in patients with ischaemic heart disease. METHODS AND RESULTS In 30 normal subjects and 43 patients with ischaemic heart disease, Doppler tissue imaging was performed in each of the 16 segments of(More)
BACKGROUND Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterial infection, a common cause of infertility, are highly prevalent in developed countries, and a worrying problem in North Norway, where the incidence of chlamydia twice the Norwegian average. Seventy percent of reported chlamydia cases are found in people below 25(More)
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and especially chlamydia is a worrying problem among North-Norwegian youngsters. Gamified web applications should be valued for sexual health education, and thus STDs prevention, for their potential to get users engaged and involved with their healthcare. Aiming to achieve that youngsters become more aware of STDs we(More)
The RESPONSIVE TO DEHYDRATION 22 (RD22) gene is a molecular link between abscisic acid (ABA) signalling and abiotic stress responses. Its expression has been used as a reliable ABA early response marker. In Arabidopsis, the single copy RD22 gene possesses a BURP domain also located at the C-terminus of USP embryonic proteins and the beta subunit of(More)
Parkinson's disease, a major neurodegenerative disorder in humans whose etiology is unknown, may be associated with some environmental factors. Nocardia otitidiscaviarum (GAM-5) isolated from a patient with an actinomycetoma produced signs similar to Parkinson's disease following iv injection into NMRI mice. NMRI mice were infected intravenously with a(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, assessment of symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease is mainly performed in the clinic. However, these assessments have limitations because they provide only a snapshot of the condition. METHODS The feasibility and usability of an objective, continuous and relatively unobtrusive system (SENSE-PARK System), which consists of(More)