J. Arlin Cooper

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This report summarizes a variety of the most useful and commonly applied methods for obtaining Dempster-Shafer structures, and their mathematical kin probability boxes, from empirical information or theoretical knowledge. The report includes a review of the aggregation methods for handling agreement and conflict when multiple such objects are obtained from(More)
Two previously described antigens, AMA-1 and QF3, which are located in the rhoptries of Plasmodium falciparum merozoites have polypeptides of similar relative molecular masses. On immunoblots, antibodies to both antigens recognized polypeptides of relative molecular mass 80,000 and 62,000 in all isolates tested. Two-dimensional electrophoresis showed that(More)
The merozoite is the invasive form of the asexual stage of Plasmodium species. At least two polymorphic glycoproteins have been found on its surface in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. The best-characterized of these is known as merozoite surface antigen-1 (MSA1) (185-200 kDa) (Ref. 1). Similar molecules are found in other malaria species.(More)
Sequence variations at the 3'-end of the Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface antigen-1 gene show that the C-terminus of the protein may not be as conserved as has been assumed in the past. We have therefore examined the sequences of the 3' terminal 2 kb, i.e., blocks 12-17 of four isolates, RO-33, RO-71, 3D7A, and FCH5. We discuss different mechanisms(More)
We describe an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for quantifying relative amounts of active caspase 3 in apoptotic cells. Covalent modification of caspase 3 active sites with a biotinylated inhibitor differentiates active from latent caspases. Capture on an ELISA plate with an antibody specific for caspase 3 makes the assay specific for caspase 3.(More)
The three types of physicians being educated in the People's Republic of China--practitioners in traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Mongolian medicine, and western-type medicine--and the nation's medical schools are discussed. The country officially recognizes 117 health professions educational institutions--23 colleges of traditional Chinese(More)
The curvature, cholesterol content, and transbilayer distribution of phospholipids significantly influence the functional properties of cellular membranes, yet little is known of how these parameters interact. In this study, the transbilayer distribution of phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) is determined in vesicles with large (98 nm) and small (19 nm) radii of(More)