J. Apte

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Reprinting of this proof for distribution or for posting on Web sites is not permitted. Authors may request permission to reprint or post on their personal or company Web site once the final version of the paper has been published. A reprint permission form may be found at www.ashrae.org. ABSTRACT Over the past 15 years, low-emissivity and other(More)
Concentrations of air pollutants from vehicles are elevated along roadways, indicating that human exposure in transportation microenvironments may not be adequately characterized by centrally located monitors. We report results from w180 h of real-time measurements of fine particle and black carbon mass concentration (PM 2.5 , BC) and ultrafine particle(More)
Health concerns related to air pollution in large cities have been voiced repeatedly over the last decades. This paper uses two approaches to describe particulate matter (PM) levels in 56 of the largest cities of the world. One is based on data from PM monitoring, collected from various sources by the World Health Organization. The other is based on the(More)
We studied 24-hour urinary excretion of phenylethylamine (PEA) and creatinine in 50 schizophrenic (39 paranoid and 11 nonparanoid) and 19 nonpsychiatric patients from Bombay, India. Methods for diagnosis, clinical assessment, and 24-hour urine collection were identical to those used in an earlier study done in a Washington, D.C. hospital. Clinical(More)
We screened the entire inpatient population (N = 1963) of a state hospital near Bombay, India, for tardive dyskinesia (TD) using specific diagnostic criteria. Prevalence of TD was found to be 9.6%, which was much lower than that reported from the Western countries. Percent prevalence of TD was greatest in the age group 41 to 50, after which it seemed to(More)
In this paper we describe <italic>Strip Layout</italic>, a new layout methodology that is suitable for automatically laying out standard circuit modules and for automatic module generation from transistor net-list. We demonstrate that the new layout methodology yields circuits that are denser than standard cell layout while retaining all the advantages of(More)
Passenger locomotive emission factors of black carbon (BC) were measured. The average emission factor was 0.87 ± 0.66 g BC emitted per kg diesel consumed. Estimated PM 10 emissions were in line with EPA's exhaust emission standards. Per commuter mile, locomotives emit 20% of the CO 2 but ten times more BC than emitted by cars. BC emissions dramatically(More)
Twenty-eight male chronic schizophrenic patients completed a 6 month treatment with a single weekly dose of 20 to 120 mg penfluridol, a new long- acting oral neuroleptic. Twenty-four patients showed significant improvement at the end of the trial period. Significant reduction in scores could be demonstrated in 21 out of 26 symptom variables. Central(More)