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A model describing the kinematics and dynamics of the lower limb is presented. The lower limb is modeled as a sequence of four rigid links connected by three universal rotary joints representing the hip, knee and ankle joints. Each joint is modeled as a sequence of three single axis rotational joints thus ascribing to the lower limb a total of 12 degrees of(More)
The effect of electrically stimulating the tibialis anterior muscle on the stretch reflex of the soleus muscle in normal subjects and subjects with spasticity is investigated. Stimulation of the tibialis anterior just prior to the onset of a mechanical disturbance, which causes a stretch in the soleus, inhibits the stretch reflex of the soleus in normal(More)
The subject of my thesis is Russian artist Alexandra Exter's work in the performing arts, with a focus on her theatrical set and costume designs in the Kamerny Theater, her creations for Iakov Protazanov's 1924 science fiction film, Aelita, and finally her exquisitely fabricated set of approximately forty marionettes. Within these colorful wooden figures(More)
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