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Tracking human body motions using inertial sensors has become a well-accepted method in ambulatory applications since the subject is not confined to a lab-bounded volume. However, a major drawback is the inability to estimate relative body positions over time because inertial sensor information only allows position tracking through strapdown integration,(More)
The tonometric method of detecting decreased gut intramucosal pH (pHi) is based on the fact that carbon dioxide can diffuse through the wall of the silastic balloon of the tonometer. By using deoxified saline and measuring PO2 as well as PCO2 this study aimed to follow changes in mucosal PO2 and relate them to changes in pHi in peritonitis versus(More)
Knowledge of the optical properties of tissues can be applied in numerous medical and scientific fields, including cancer diagnostics and therapy. There are many different ways of determining the optical properties of turbid media. The paper describes measurements of the optical properties of porcine brain tissue using novel instrumentation for simultaneous(More)
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