J Antonio del Río

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We report the first observation of oscillations of the electromagnetic field in an optical superlattice based on porous silicon. These oscillations are an optical equivalent of well-known electronic Bloch oscillations in crystals. Elementary cells of our structure are composed by microcavities whose coupling gives rise to the extended collective modes(More)
We consider a simple model to give a plausible mechanical explanation of what are the actual resting heart rates of mammals optimized for. We study what is the optimal frequency for a viscoelastic fluid circulating in a pulsatile way through a network of tubes and conclude that the heart rate is not optimized to transport blood through the whole net.(More)
The global entropy generation rate in the zero-mean oscillatory flow of a Maxwell fluid in a pipe is analyzed with the aim of determining its behavior at resonant flow conditions. This quantity is calculated explicitly using the analytic expression for the velocity field and assuming isothermal conditions. The global entropy generation rate shows(More)
Far-field secondary emission spectra of one-dimensional periodic photonic structures based on porous silicon show characteristic co-focal rings centered close to the structure plane normal. The rings appear when the frequency of picosecond excitation laser pulses is tuned to the edges of the fourth photonic band gap. They can be clearly distinguished from(More)
Optical tweezers is an example how to use light to generate a physical force. They have been used to levitate viruses, bacteria, cells, and sub cellular organisms. Nonetheless it would be beneficial to use such force to develop a new kind of applications. However the radiation pressure usually is small to think in moving larger objects. Currently, there is(More)
In this paper we study the propagation of light through an asymmetric array of dielectric multilayers built by joining two porous silicon substructures in a Fibonacci sequence. Each Fibonacci substructure follows the well-known recursive rule but in the second substructure dielectric layers A and B are exchanged. Even without mirror symmetry, this array(More)
In this paper a recent variable anticipation cellular automata model for single-lane traffic flow is extended to analyze the situation of free and congested flow in the Highway from Mexico City to Cuernavaca. This highway presents free flow in standard days; but in the returning day of long weekends or holidays it exhibits congested flow and in rush hours(More)
The dynamic response of an electrically conducting fluid (either Newtonian or Maxwellian) flowing between straight concentric circular cylinders under a constant radial magnetic field, is analyzed. The isothermal flow is studied using the time Fourier transform, so that the dynamic generalization of Darcy's law in the frequency domain is obtained and(More)
An experimental study of the dynamic response of a Newtonian fluid and a Maxwellian fluid under an oscillating pressure gradient is presented. Laser Doppler anemometry is used in order to determine the velocity of the fluid inside a cylindrical tube. In the case of the Newtonian fluid, the dissipative nature is observed. In the dynamic response of the(More)
Nowadays the challenge for humanity is to find pathways towards sustainable development. Decision makers require a set of sustainability indicators to know if the sustainability strategies are following those pathways. There are more than one hundred sustainability indicators but they differ on their relative importance according to the size of the locality(More)