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In last years, NiCd and NiMH technologies have settled in the market of medium/high capacity batteries. Fast-charge is very interesting in different applications (communications systems, electric vehicles, low-earth-orbit spacecrafts) in order to minimizing charge time. The problem is that high currents involved in fast-charge process affect battery(More)
This work shows the design of a low-cost, portable instrument for amperometric biosensors, which measures the faradaic currents originated by the electronic interchanges between a specific substance and a biological recognition system, present on an electrode and kept at an appropriate potential. The final objective is to obtain a direct relationship(More)
This paper describes an automatic acoustic resonance detection workbench for HID lamps controlled by computer. The control program is made with LabVIEW. The detection method is based on the projection of discharge arc. Relative intensity measurements at different points of projections are made and analyzed statistically to detect acoustic resonances.(More)
Fiber optic sensing for chemical analysis is a growing technology, since it offers several advantages, as analysis can be done "in situ" in real time, the sensing techniques do not disturb the process, so the sample size can be extremely small and the sensing locations can be in remote areas. Fluorescence measurements are particularly well-suited for(More)
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