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We present a case report from 2001 of the first parasitologically confirmed case of acute Chagas disease in Suriname. The patient had never left Suriname, and was probably infected by an adventitious species of Panstrongylus in his house in the capital city, Paramaribo. The patient was treated with nifurtimox, and appears to have recovered.
Uluru is a software platform that provides a number of enabling services to mobile multimedia applications including content-personalisation and charging. This paper describes the design of such an enabling platform and explores its applicability from a business perspective. We describe the platform’s functionalities and overall architecture, and discuss(More)
Hematological and hemoglobin composition data are presented for 14 members of a Surinam family (and for 1 unrelated subject) with either a beta-thalassemia heterozygosity [5 with the -29 (A----G) beta + mutation and 5 with the IVS II-849 (A----G) beta(0) mutation] or a compound heterozygosity (the 5 remaining patients). Identification of the mutation was by(More)
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