J. Andrew Kelly

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The establishment of the HealthWeb project by twelve health sciences libraries provides a collaborative means of organizing and enhancing access to Internet resources for the international health sciences community. The project is based on the idea that the Internet is common ground for all libraries and that through collaboration a more comprehensive,(More)
Paired kidney exchanges are being used with increasing frequency to overcome humoral immunologic incompatibilities between patients in need of renal transplantation and their potential live donors. Altruistic unbalanced exchanges utilize compatible donor/recipient pairs in order to facilitate the transplantation of a patient with an incompatible donor. We(More)
Active learning is a method of instruction which involves the students/attendees in the learning process by having them participate and reflect on that experience. It is a process which has received much publicity in the educational literature and is being incorporated in many fields within the health sciences. Health sciences librarians are beginning to(More)
In the context of transboundary air pollution policy the broad ambition is to achieve reductions in the level of environmental and societal damage associated with certain pollutant concentrations and exposure rates in a cost effective manner. Policy formulation and legislative frameworks in this field, such as the current National Emissions Ceiling(More)
BACKGROUND Altruistic unbalanced paired kidney exchanges (AUPKE) use compatible live donor/recipient pairs to facilitate transplants for individuals with incompatible live donors. We report a three donor/recipient pair complex AUPKE. Little is known of the circumstances under which individuals are likely to trade away a compatible live donor or the overall(More)
There continues to be an increasing disparity between organ supply and demand in kidney transplantation with over 87,000 patients currently on the waiting list. Prolonged waiting times on dialysis is associated with significant morbidity and mortality rates. At Columbia University Medical Center/New York-Presbyterian Hospital we have implemented several(More)
UNLABELLED Abstracts of scientific papers and posters that are presented at annual scientific meetings of professional societies are part of the broader category of conference literature. They are an important avenue for the dissemination of current data. While timely and succinct, these abstracts present problems such as an abbreviated peer review and(More)
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