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Driver Assistance Systems have achieved a high level of maturity in the latest years. As an example of that, sophisticated pedestrian protection systems are already available in a number of commercial vehicles from several OEMs. However, accurate pedestrian path prediction is needed in order to go a step further in terms of safety and reliability, since it(More)
Eimeriosis is responsible for causing serious problems in poultry, mainly characterized by reduced weight gain and abnormalities of food conversion efficiency, thereby causing great economic losses. The aim of this study was to evaluate the epidemiology of eimeriosis in broiler chickens in the Araguaina region, State of Tocantins, Brazil. Samples from five(More)
The future of intelligent vehicles will rely on robust information to allow the proper feedback to the vehicle itself, to issue several kinds of active safety, but before all, to generate information for the driver by calling his or her attention to potential instantaneous or mid-term risks associated with the driving. Before true vehicle autonomy, safety(More)
intraprocedural sensíveis a features dentro do framework de Killdall para análise estática; e também como análises interprocedurais pode ser transformadas em análises sensíveis a features dentro do framework IFDS. O desempenho das técnicas propostasé avaliado através de experimentos que envolvem aplicar análises sensíveisà features em quatro LPS. Através(More)
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