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This study deals with some methods of making human exposure estimates, aimed at describing the human exposure for selected air pollutants in Sweden that are suspected carcinogens. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) have been chosen as an indicator substance for estimating the concentration of the urban plume. Earlier investigations have shown that the traffic in Swedish(More)
Diesel fuels, classified as environmentally friendly, have been available on the Swedish market since 1991. The Swedish diesel fuel classification is based upon the specification of selected fuel composition and physical properties to reduce potential environmental and health effects from direct human exposure to exhaust. The objective of the present(More)
Exhaust emissions from a heavy-duty diesel vehicle, separated into particulate and semivolatile phases and thereafter fractionated according to polarity, were studied in the adult rat brain after intracranial microinjections using cresyl violet staining and immunohistochemistry. Intrastriatal as well as intrahippocampal injections of particulate fractions(More)
Relatively few emission characterization studies have been made on small engines used in garden equipment. The present investigation focuses on exhaust characterization from a lawn mower engine fueled with two different fuels in combination with and without an oxidizing catalyst. The compounds measured in the exhaust are carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons,(More)
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