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Cryptosporidium parvum, one of the most important causative organisms of human diarrheas during childhood, contains a monomeric DNA-topoisomerase IB (CpTopIB) in chromosome 7. Heterologous expression of CpTopIB gene in a budding yeast strain lacking this activity proves that the cryptosporidial enzyme is functional in vivo. The enzymatic activity is(More)
— A model-free controller is designed for a nanopo-sitioning platform with three degrees of freedom. The system is specially difficult to control because of the coupling between the different movements and the hysteresis present in the piezoelectric actuators. The authors propose a control design methodology based on the so called ultra-local system(More)
—Emergency management is one of the key aspects within the day-today operation procedures in a highway. Efficiency in the overall response in case of an incident is paramount in reducing the consequences of any incident. However, the approach of highway operators to the issue of incident management is still usually far from a systematic, standardized way.(More)
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