J Alexander Kaiser

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Any opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and not those of the institute. Research disseminated by IZA may include views on policy, but the institute itself takes no institutional policy positions. The Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn is a local and virtual international research center and a place of communication between(More)
Executive Summary: Increased utilization of US hospital emergency departments (EDs) has received considerable attention from both the health care and policymaking communities in recent years. The following analysis uses data from the Medical Expenditures Panel Survey (MEPS) in order to examine the demographic and health characteristics of people who(More)
This article derives from a society-wide symposium organized by Timothy Bradley and Adriana Briscoe and presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology in Boston, Massachusetts. David Grimaldi provided the opening presentation in which he outlined the major evolutionary events in the formation and subsequent(More)
This CASA report, Dangerous Liaisons: Substance Abuse and Sex, is an unprecedented effort to analyze the complex connections between substance abuse and sexual activity, function, pleasure and violence, with particular attention to the consequences of such connections for our nation's teenagers. The report is the culmination of two years of work, including(More)
Family Foundation is a non-profit, private operating foundation dedicated to providing information and analysis on health care issues to policymakers, the media, the health care community, and the general public. Overview Prescription drugs are vital to preventing and treating illness and in helping to avoid more costly medical problems. Rising drug costs,(More)
Gaseous nitrous acid (HONO) is an important precursor of tropospheric hydroxyl radicals (OH). OH is responsible for atmospheric self-cleansing and controls the concentrations of greenhouse gases like methane and ozone. Due to lack of measurements, vertical distributions of HONO and its sources in the troposphere remain unclear. Here, we present a set of(More)
Safety Administration, in the interest of information exchange. The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Department of Transportation or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The United States Government assumes no liability for its contents or use(More)
Ye et al. have determined a maximum nitrous acid (HONO) yield of 3% for the reaction HO2·H2O + NO2, which is much lower than the yield used in our work. This finding, however, does not affect our main result that HONO in the investigated Po Valley region is mainly from a gas-phase source that consumes nitrogen oxides.
The Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-profit private operating foundation, based in Menlo Park, California, dedicated to producing and communicating the best possible analysis and information on health issues. Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of parasitic and bacterial tropical infections that primarily affect the most impoverished and(More)