J. Alejandro Díaz Méndez

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The application of fuzzy control to large-scale complex systems is not a trivial task. For such systems the number of the fuzzy IF-THEN rules exponentially explodes. If we have m linguistic properties for each of n variables, we will have m n rules combinations of input values. Large-scale systems require special approaches for modelling and control. In our(More)
CLINICAL CASE A women who had previously had musical ability presented with bilateral embolic damage to both superior temporal convolutions. For the first few days, she had complete cortical deafness with reception aphasia. This evolved to a slight Wernicke's aphasia and reception amusia. The amusia was characterized by inability to understand lyrics and(More)
We have studied 51 preterm infants [gestational age (GE) less than 32 weeks] by: a neurologic examination at 40 weeks of postconceptional age, serial cranial ultrasonographies, weekly electroencephalograms (EEG) until 42 weeks of postconceptional age, and Brunet-Lezine test of psychomotor developmental at 1 year old. Our objective is the longitudinal study(More)
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