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OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate enamel roughness after adhesive removal using different burs and an Er:YAG laser. MATERIALS AND METHODS The buccal surfaces of forty human premolars were sealed by two layers of nail varnish, except for a circular area of 3 mm in diameter on the middle third. The enamel surfaces were initially subjected to(More)
In this paper the two-point boundary value problem (BVP) of the cantilever deflection at nano-scale separations subjected to van der Waals and electrostatic forces is investigated using analytical and numerical methods to obtain the instability point of the beam. In the analytical treatment of the BVP, the nonlinear differential equation of the model is(More)
In this investigation, the multi-objective selection and optimization of a gantry machine tool is achieved by analytic hierarchy process, multi-objective genetic algorithm, and Pareto-Edgeworth-Grierson–multi-criteria decision-making method. The objectives include maximum static deformation, the first four natural frequencies, mass, and fabrication cost of(More)
The broadcasting nature of wireless networks provides an inherent advantage of utilizing the broadcast gain. To improve the efficiency of the network gain associated with multiuser diversity should be optimally exploited simultaneously keeping in mind the problems of wireless networks. One of the most notable problems which we have focused in this paper is(More)
Nowadays, engineering ceramics have significant applications in different industries such as; automotive, aerospace, electrical, electronics and even martial industries due to their attractive physical and mechanical properties like very high hardness and strength at elevated temperatures, chemical stability, low friction and high wear resistance. However,(More)
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