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OBJECTIVE This study explored the utility of the health belief model (HBM) in explaining medication adherence in subjects with severe and disabling mental disorders. METHOD Six well-established measuring instruments, with confirmed reliability and validity, were used to assess each component of the HBM and medication adherence in 39 hospital-treated(More)
Many undergraduate liberal arts institutions offer computer science majors. This article illustrates how quality computer science programs can be realized in a wide variety of liberal arts settings by describing and contrasting the actual programs at five liberal arts colleges: Williams College, Kalamazoo College, the State University of New York at(More)
The Land Information System software (LIS; http://lis.gsfc.nasa.gov/, 2006) has been developed to support high-performance land surface modeling and data assimilation. LIS integrates parallel and distributed computing technologies with modern land surface modeling capabilities, and establishes a framework for easy interchange of subcomponents, such as land(More)
This study sought to determine if cultural heritage and acculturation influence the perception and expression of pain and anxiety. The study was based on self-report and observation of Anglo and Hispanic children with cancer undergoing invasive procedures. Seventy-eight children between the ages of 3 and 15 participated. Thirty-five were Anglo and 43 were(More)
The Skerki Bank Project was the "rst interdisciplinary e!ort to determine the importance of the deep sea to the "eld of archaeology. Over a nine year period from 1988 to 1997, its various "eld programs resulted in the discovery of the largest concentration of ancient ships ever found in the deep sea. In all, eight ships were located in an area of 210 km2,(More)
The Advanced Airborne Multisensor Imaging System (AAMIS) has been developed for a light fixed wing aircraft. It integrates a suite of state-of-the-art electro-optical (EO), thermal, hyperspectral, and Lidar imaging instrument packages for simultaneous active ranging and passive imaging that covers the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum of the visible and near(More)