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The authors report results obtained in 20 severely affected patients with Parkinson's disease (Grade IV or V) who received an autotransplant of perfused adrenal medullary tissue. This study seems to indicate that these autoimplants can improve the parkinsonian symptomatology and induce amelioration in the patients' performance of routine activities. All the(More)
The successful surgical removal of a feminizing adrenal tumour in a postmenopausal woman is described. Most of these tumours are malignant and the pathological findings and the biological behaviour of the tumour frequently do not correlate, so that a careful follow-up is necessary. In the presence of vaginal bleeding in a postmenopausal woman endometrial(More)
OBJECT Transplants of adrenal medulla (AM) and fetal ventral mesencephalon (FVM) are currently being tested as therapeutic alternatives in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). At the Clínica Puerta de Hierro in Madrid, a controlled clinical trial is underway to establish which donor tissue, if any, is the best for open surgical implantation in patients(More)
The possible use of EIT for rapid neuroimaging in acute stroke is very attractive, as it could be used in Casualty or the community to distinguish haemorrhagic from ischaemic stroke and so permit the use of thrombolytic (clot-busting) drugs. In our group at UCL, we have been developing the UCLH Mk2 Multifrequency (MF) EIT system for this purpose (1). It(More)
Diabetes was induced in female WAG rats by an injection of streptozotocin. The resultant diabetic microangiopathy was studied in the kidney and other organs and the effectiveness of pancreatic islet cell transplantation in preventing and reversing the microvascular complications was assessed. It was found that intraportal transplants of more than 1000(More)
Coimplants of adrenal medulla (AM) and peripheral nerve (PN) in animal models of Parkinson's disease (PD) have shown that AM cells survive longer, tend to show neuronal phenotype, and enhance sprouting of host fibers. Since 1987, our implants of perfused AM and fetal ventral mesencephalon (FVM) in PD patients have achieved varying degrees of clinical(More)
A 78-yr-old female with a short history of malaise, anorexia, mild pyrexia, and obstructive jaundice is presented. A diagnosis of tuberculosis of the liver and gallbladder was established at laparotomy. In spite of anti-tuberculous therapy, the patient died on the 5th postoperative day. Widespread miliary tuberculosis affecting the lung, kidneys, spleen,(More)
The effects of a single injection of streptozotocin, at a dosage of 50 mg/kg body weight, have been studied in female inbred WAG rats. The resultant diabetes in the streptozotocin treated animals was treated in one group of animals by an intraportal pancreatic islet cell transplantation whilst another group received no transplant or insulin treatment. The(More)