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In this paper we introduce an approach to automatically select a homogeneity measure for color image segmentation, on the basis of the characteristics of the region to be segmented. In a previous work we presented a fuzzy color path-based image segmentation proposal where membership degrees were computed from the connectivity between pixels, based on the(More)
The use of resistant cultivars is one of the best ways to protect lettuce from aphid pests. At present, there are cultivars available with nearly complete resistance to Nasonovia ribisnigri biotype Nr:0 (based on the Nr gene) and partial resistance to Macrosiphum euphorbiae. Nevertheless, a new biotype of N. ribisnigri (Nr:1) able to overcome the resistance(More)
A procedure is proposed to construct solutions of the double confluent Heun equation with a determinate behaviour at the singular points. The connection factors are expressed as quotients of Wronskians of the involved solutions. Asymp-totic expansions are used in the computation of those Wronskians. The feasibility of the method is shown in an example,(More)
The US Potato Genebank in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, is the national germplasm collection for the world’s most important vegetable crop. It contains about 6,000 accessions of 100 species of tuber-bearing relatives of Solanum tuberosum. The potato of commerce is a clonal crop susceptible to many systemic pathogens, so the genebank routinely uses in vitro(More)
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