J A van Kemenade

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The pituitary gland of Latimeria chalumnae is situated rostroventral to the telencephalon. The hollow pituitary stalk is bent forward and is ventrally connected to a saccus-vasculosus-like organ, rostrally to a neurointermediate lobe. The infundibular lumen protrudes far into the neurohypophysial lobules. The elongated principal part (pars cerebralis) of(More)
Serum PRL levels and histologically tumor-free pituitary glands of 91 aging rats of the BN/BiRij strain, the WAG/Rij strain and their F1 hybrid were studied. In rats with pituitary glands without signs of hyperplasia, serum PRL levels were, in comparison to rats of 15-24 months, increased 25-29-month-old female BN/BiRij rats and showed a decline with(More)
Non-neoplastic pituitary glands of 12 age-groups of 10 male Wistar rats (subpopulation 1) and of 228 rats with age-related disorders (population 2) were studied. For subpopulation 1 a positive correlation was found between body weight, pars distalis volume and total prolactin (PRL)-cell volume. These values increased during the first half of the life span(More)
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