J. A. West

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Large-scale surveys of single-cell gene expression have the potential to reveal rare cell populations and lineage relationships but require efficient methods for cell capture and mRNA sequencing. Although cellular barcoding strategies allow parallel sequencing of single cells at ultra-low depths, the limitations of shallow sequencing have not been(More)
Clara-cell populations show a high degree of variation in susceptibility to injury by bioactivated cytotoxicants. Because glutathione (GSH) is critical for detoxification of electrophilic metabolites, heterogeneity in Clara cell GSH levels may lead to a wide range of cytotoxic responses. This study was designed to define the distinct GSH pools within Clara(More)
The majority of efforts to increase specificity or sensitivity in biosensors result in trade-offs with little to no gain in overall accuracy. This is because a biosensor cannot be more accurate than the affinity interaction it is based on. Accordingly, we have developed a new class of reagents based on mathematical principles of cooperativity to enhance the(More)
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