J. A. Villegas

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In this paper we study a class of partial differential equations (PDE’s), which includes SturmLiouville systems and diffusion equations. From this class of PDE’s we define systems with control and observation through the boundary of the spatial domain. That is, we describe how to select boundary conditions, such that the resulting system has inputs and(More)
In this paper we consider distributed parameter physical systems composed of a reversible part associated with a skew-symmetric operator J as Hamiltonian systems (Olver, 1993) and a symmetric operator associated with some irreversible phenomena. We will show how to use results obtained on reversible systems to parametrize the boundary conditions such that(More)
This article studies the telegrapher’s equations with boundary port variables. Firstly, a link is made between the telegrapher’s equations and a skewsymmetric linear operator on a spatial domain. Associated to this linear operator is a Dirac structure which includes the port variables on the boundary of this spatial domain. Secondly, we present all(More)
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