J A T Azevedo

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Herein, we describe a new localized functionalization method of graphene oxide (GO) deposited on a silicon oxide surface. The functionalization starts with the reduction of GO by electrogenerated naphthalene radical anions. The source of reducers is a microelectrode moving close to the substrate in a typical scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM)(More)
After an exhaustive investigation, in 1997 the source of the milk contamination in Germany was traced to citrus pulp pellets originating from Brazil. It has been shown that lime was the source of the PCDD/F contamination of these products. After this conclusion, a continuous monitoring program has been performed over a two year period and the results are(More)
We present a new strategy to form thickness-adjusted and ultrasmooth films of very large and unwrinkled graphene oxide (GO) flakes through the transfer of both hemispherical and vertical water films stabilized by surfactants. With its versatility in terms of substrate type (including flexible organic substrates) and in terms of flake density (from isolated(More)
In order to further understand the contamination of the citrus pulp pellets (CPP) that were exported to Europe in 1997 we examined both contaminated lime and CPP samples for the distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and chlorinated benzenes (tri-hexa). Standard isotope dilution techniques were applied for all samples, which were analysed by(More)
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