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Initial presentations of encephalitis are sometimes misdiagnosed as psychoses due to the predominance of psychiatric symptoms and frequently negative neurological work-ups. It is likely that many of these errors are never discovered. The patient described herein is an exception. Her symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment have now been followed for nearly two(More)
Compared two groups of Type I diabetic Ss, visually impaired and nonvisually impaired (N = 39), to a non-neurologic chronically ill group and a healthy group (N = 44) on the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. The diabetic groups performed like each other and worse than the other two groups on(More)
The Faschingbauer Abbreviated MMPI (FAM) was utilized to compare diabetic (N = 39) with non-diabetic chronic illness patients (N = 20) and healthy controls (N = 24). The healthy controls were significantly different from the diabetic and chronic illnesses groups, but the latter two groups were not significantly differentiated. Similarly, in comparison with(More)
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