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IMPORTANCE An increasing amount of evidence supports the use of antibiotics instead of surgery for treating patients with uncomplicated acute appendicitis. OBJECTIVE To compare antibiotic therapy with appendectomy in the treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis confirmed by computed tomography (CT). DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS The(More)
PURPOSE Adjuvant chemotherapy improves patient survival rates after resection for pancreatic adenocarcinoma, but the optimal duration and time to initiate chemotherapy is unknown. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma treated within the international, phase III, European Study Group for Pancreatic Cancer-3 (version 2) study(More)
Endoscopic retrograde pancreatogram (ERP) has been recommended in patients with suspected pancreatic fistula to visualize the fistula tract and the ductal anatomy. Recently we have treated five men with chronic alcoholic pancreatitis complicated by pancreaticopleural or pancreaticoperitoneal fistula. The limited value of ERP in these patients is described.(More)
BACKGROUND The possible role of nitric oxide in the regulation of the sphincter of Oddi is not known in species with a resistor-like sphincter of Oddi such as humans and pigs. METHODS Sphincter of Oddi perfusion manometry and simultaneous electromyography (EMG) were recorded transduodenally in eight anaesthetised pigs. Acetylcholine (4 micrograms/kg) was(More)
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is complicated by acute pancreatitis in up to 12% of the examinations. One possible mechanism for this complication is the cannulation-induced sphincter of Oddi spasm with temporary pancreatic duct obstruction. Nifedipine is known to relax the sphincter of Oddi, thus possibly inhibiting or reducing(More)
BACKGROUND In adults 80% to 90% of cystic lesions in the pancreas are pseudocysts and the remainder are mostly neoplastic cysts. To choose optimal treatment for an individual patient, exact nonoperative diagnosis would be preferable. This study was done to assess the value of cyst fluid analysis, compared with clinical and radiologic findings, in the(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The most commonly used diagnostic method for the preoperative diagnosis of thyroid nodules is ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNA), which often yields non-diagnostic or non-definitive results and seldom produces definite malignant diagnoses. To improve upon the malignancy-specific sensitivity, we tested core needle(More)
Previous experimental studies have shown that multiple puncturing and stitching of the pancreas results in an increased pancreatic injury response. Furthermore, post-operative pancreatitis, which still is a largely under-diagnosed condition, appears to be an important mediator of many post-operative complications after pancreatic head resection. Stenting(More)
BACKGROUND To study the effect of hospital volume and surgeon volume on postoperative hospital mortality, morbidity and long-term survival after resection of the head of the pancreas in a nationwide study (case record study), taking into a consideration risk factors found important in series based on experience in one hospital. METHOD The case record(More)
BACKGROUND Owing to the current lack of long-term follow-up data on the recurrence of alcohol-induced acute pancreatitis (AP), we studied the pattern of recurrence and determined the characteristics of the disease to predict the recurrence. METHODS Between 1972 and 1991, 2678 AP episodes were detected; 1555 were induced by alcohol, and 591 of them were(More)