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The amount of digitized legacy documents has been rising dramatically over the last years due mainly to the increasing number of on-line digital libraries publishing this kind of documents. The vast majority of them remain waiting to be transcribed into a textual electronic format (such as ASCII or PDF) that would provide historians and other researchers(More)
The effects of a long-term blockade of L-type Ca2+ channels on membrane currents and on the number of dihydropyridine binding sites were investigated in skeletal muscle fibers. Ca2+ currents (I Ca) and intramembrane charge movement were monitored using a voltage-clamp technique. The peak amplitude of I Ca increased by more than 40% in fibers that were(More)
This study is an investigation into the modulatory effects of heparin, a component of the extracellular matrix that binds to dihydropyridine receptors, on contraction and Ca2+ channels in frog skeletal muscle. Using tension and Ca2+ signal measurements in single intact skeletal muscle cells we have found that heparin (100–200 μg ml-1) substantially(More)
The NIST Open Handwriting Recognition and Translation Evaluation 2013 (NIST OpenHaRT’13) is a performance evaluation assessing technologies that transcribe and translate text in document images. This evaluation is focused on recognizing Arabic text images and translating them into English. A Handwriting Recognition and Translation system typically consists(More)
Frequency of additional chromosomal abnormalities in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is estimated to be 7% in chronic phase and increases to 40-70% in advanced disease. Progression of CML from chronic phase to accelerated phase or blast crisis is often associated with secondary chromosomal aberrations. We report an exceptional case of CML as debut in(More)
Magnetoencephalogram (MEG) studies rely on the use of spatial filters to find and extract the brain activity generated by neuronal currents. Two of the most used filters are the Linearly Constrained Minimum Variance beamformer (LCMV) and the Minimum Norm Estimates (MNE) non-adaptive spatial filter. These filters have different properties that can increase(More)
Measurements of isometric tension were performed in single twitch skeletal muscle fibres and the effect of extracellular Na+ removal on contraction was investigated. Na+ withdrawal brought about an increase in the amplitude of K+ contractures and their time course became faster. The potentiation of K+ contractures depended strongly on extracellular Ca2+ and(More)
The effects of long-term depolarization on frog skeletal muscle Cav1.1 channels were assessed. Voltage-clamp and Western-blot experiments revealed that long-term depolarization brings about a drastic reduction in the amplitude of currents flowing through Cav1.1 channels and in the levels of the α1s subunit, the main subunit of muscle L-type channels. The(More)
For many Remote Sensing users, classification is the decisive stage of digital image analysis. Digital classification provides cartography and an inventory of the categories that are the object of study. In this paper we analyse a sector of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Mariola (Spain), with the aim of using two digital image classification procedures:(More)