J A Roberts

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In Lake Matano, Indonesia, the world's largest known ferruginous basin, more than 50% of authigenic organic matter is degraded through methanogenesis, despite high abundances of Fe (hydr)oxides in the lake sediments. Biogenic CH₄ accumulates to high concentrations (up to 1.4 mmol L⁻¹) in the anoxic bottom waters, which contain a total of 7.4 × 10⁵ tons of(More)
Key Points: • Martian dynamo can be terminated by impact-induced thermal heterogeneity • Magnetic field morphology remains intact • Martian dynamo timing places a lower bound on paleopolar reorientation (2014), Could giant basin-forming impacts have killed Martian dynamo?, Geophys. This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons(More)
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