J A Reitan

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In a canine stroke model, dose dependent protection by postocclusion pentobarbital was suggested from 10--40 mg/kg. In 28 dogs investigated (10 from a previous study) a distinct, significant reduction in right cerebral hemisphere infarction occurred in animals given 15--20 mg/kg pentobarbital intramuscularly 1 hour postocclusion. Increased dosages did not(More)
To verify its protective effect on the ischemic mammalian brain, hyperbaric oxygen was administered to six groups of carotid-ligated gerbils. The outcome was evaluated clinically and by a colorimetric videodensitometry technique by comparing differences in the interhemispheric color density through the translucent intact cranium. It was found that there was(More)
The effective dose-50 (ED-50) for halothane anesthesia was studied in 45 male Mongolian gerbils at age 12 weeks. Close control of circadian variation and animal temperature was maintained. Regression analysis for the percent of animals moving in response to a standard stimulus revealed an ED-50 of 1.32 volumes %, a concentration that approximates the ED-50(More)
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