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Ulcerated A theromatous Plaques of the Carotid A rtery Bifurcation • The clinical diagnosis of an ulcerated plaque at the bifurcation of the common carotid artery is based on: mid-carotid bruit, cholesterol or platelet emboli in the retina, transient ischemic attacks particularly with amaurosis fugax, and a reversible neurological deficit. In this series,(More)
The authors present a 47 years old female patient with cutaneomeningospinal angiomatosis or Cobb's syndrome of thoracic location. This entity, included in the primarily mesodermic phacomatose, is extremely rare, and only 17 cases have been sufficiently documented in the literature on the subject. The rare association with vertebral haemangioma of the same(More)
Two cases of infrequently seen tumors of the cavernous sinus and the clivus regions are presented. One of them was a chordoma and the other, a myeloma, and both were approached by the transphenoidal route. The clinical picture and the diagnostic procedures are reviewed, and the several surgical approaches to these regions are discussed. These regional(More)
The authors present an exceptional case of chemodectoma jugulare with important invasion of the skull base involving all the cranial nerves on one side and conforming Garcin's syndrome. Practically all the possible ways of spreading were followed by the tumor, with involvement of the posterior, middle and anterior fossas of the skull base and also orbit,(More)
The authors present the first national observation of a microgliosarcoma. The patient, a woman of 57 years old, was admitted with the clinical and paraclinical diagnosis of an intracranial mass occupying lesion. Surgical excision was incomplete, and postoperative radiotherapy was undertaken. Posteriorly, lymphoma classification criteria was used to(More)