J A Oliveira

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Activities of superoxide dismutase (EC and glutathione peroxidase (EC in erythrocytes were evaluated in 50 schizophrenic and 20 manic-depressive patients, who were or were not being treated with different neuroleptic drugs, and results were compared with those for 58 normal individuals. Neuroleptic-treated and untreated schizophrenic(More)
s of the 13th Red Lara Taller General, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26-28 April 2017 O-02. FSH dose to stimulate different patient’ ages: when less is more E. Borges Jr.1,2, B.F. Zanetti2, A.S. Setti2, D.P.A.F. Braga1,3, R.C.S. Figueira1, A. Iaconelli Jr.1 1Fertility – Medical Group, São Paulo, SP – Brazil 2Instituto Sapientiae – Centro de Estudos e Pesquisa em(More)
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