J. A. N. Gonçalves

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The truncation of the Gouy-Chapman diffuse part in compacted clay-rocks and bentonite is introduced into the electrical triple-layer model (TLM) recently developed by P. Leroy and A. Revil [J. Colloid Interface Sci. 270 (2004) 371]. The new model is used to explain the dependence of the osmotic efficiency and the swelling pressure as functions of the mean(More)
Water flow in compacted shales is expected to be modified by thermo-osmosis when a thermal gradient exists. However this coupled-flow process is poorly characterized since no experiments on non-remoulded clay-rocks are found in the literature. This paper presents a set of thermo-osmosis experiments carried out in an equipped borehole installed in the(More)
The conditions to obtain a macroscopic model for the thermo-osmotic coupling coefficient which is needed for practical calculations of fluid flow in clay-rocks subjected to temperature gradients are investigated in this paper. A theoretical expression for the thermo-osmotic coupling coefficient proportional to the hydraulic conductivity was obtained. The(More)
In order to characterize the so-called coupled processes occurring in compacted clay rocks, the coupling coefficients must be identified. For this purpose, an original device which allows such measurement for undisturbed (natural) samples in their in situ conditions was developed. The present experimental device minimizes the fluid leaks improving the(More)
A model to simulate the density of solutions adsorbed onto clay mineral surfaces is proposed. In this model, the alteration of the ionic distribution caused by the electric field associated with the surface charge of clay platelets is accounted for using an electrical triple-layer model with an overlapping diffuse layer. The combined effects of ion(More)
Boron-doped polycrystaline diamond films grown by hot-filament-assisted chemical vapor deposition were studied with ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy (UPS), Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffractometry and current voltage measurements. The UPS measurement shows that the work function ( ) without electric field is about 3.9 eV . The field-emission(More)
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