J. A. Migliozzi

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One melanized (Mc3) and one non-melanized (Mc3W) multicellular form mutant of W. dermatitidis were compared with parental wild type in NYLAR mice. Each mutant grows as multicellular (muriform-like) forms in vitro at 37 degrees C and as yeasts at less than or equal to 30 degrees C. Yeast cells of all three strains were injected intravenously at(More)
Twenty-two cases of PCL were reviewed, in which 9 patients had AIDS and 13 did not. A review of the literature identified 247 cases of AIDS-related PCL. Differences between patients with AIDS and immunocompetent PCL were noted in our series. AIDS-related PCL when compared to non-AIDS PCL in our series has the following notable clinical features: 1)(More)
Intratubular germ cell neoplasia is now well established as a precursor to invasive germ cell tumors of the testis. The lesion is usually associated with subsequent development of typical invasive tumors if orchiectomy is not performed. Pathologic findings in intratubular neoplasia consist of germ cell abnormalities within the seminiferous tubules. The(More)
The growth of tumours in guinea-pigs was observed for 20 weeks after placing them on various doses of vitamin C. Complete tumour regression occurred in 55% of those animals receiving 0-3 mg/kg/day ascorbic acid, whereas animals given 10 mg/kg/day showed tumour inhibition but no regression. In contrast, tumours in animals maintained on 1 g/kg/day ascorbic(More)
Incorporation of plasma fibronectin into tissues is believed to influence endothelial cell-cell interaction, as well as endothelial cell adhesion to matrix. We used immunofluorescent microscopy coupled with tissue extraction of noncovalently incorporated fibronectin to delineate the time course for matrix incorporation of soluble plasma-derived fibronectin(More)
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