J. A. Matovelo

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Reproductive organs from mature Small East African zebu (SEAZ) heifers and cows slaughtered at the Morogoro abattoir were collected twice a month and evaluated over a period of 12 months. Out of the 402 animals from which reproductive organs were taken, 54% were pregnant, 24% were actively cycling and 22% were non-cycling. Various gross abnormalities were(More)
Six calves were infected per os with Salmonella dublin and killed nine hours to seven days later. Early changes included occlusion of capillaries with a hyaline material, particularly in the ileal Peyer's patch (PP). Central areas of the follicles contained hemorrhages and edema. In later stages the follicle-associated epithelium (FAE) of both the jejunal(More)
East Coast fever (ECF), a disease of cattle caused by the protozoan Theileria parva parva and transmitted by the three-host tick Rhipicephalus appendiculatus, was for many years controlled by the use of acaricides against the vector tick. Recent developments in vaccination by the infection and treatment method combined with chemotherapy with preparations(More)
Loops of rat jejunum were exposed in vivo to different concentrations of deoxycholic acid (DOC; 0, 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 mM). Following a 30 min exposure period, DOC was washed out of the loops and the intestines were allowed to recover for 15 or 150 min. Frozen tissue for enzyme histochemistry was collected during exposure and following the recovery periods.(More)
Whereas many studies deal with teh deleterious effects of unconjugated deoxycholic acid on epithelial morphology, few are concerned with the reversibility of these effects, the subject of the present study. Tied jejunal loops in the rat were incubated for 30 minutes with deoxycholic acid (2.5-20 mmol/litre) in isotonic solution. Immediately after this(More)
Antinutritional effects of Crotalaria ochroleuca (marejea) in animal feed supplements were studied in rats fed marejea supplemented rations. Six rations supplemented with 10, 30 or 50% marejea seed or leaf meals were tested for toxic effects compared with 1 control ration. Thirty-five mature rats whose mean weight was 55.8 g were randomly assigned to the 7(More)
Structural features associated with reversibility of lesions induced by deoxycholic acid (DOC) were studied by electron microscopy and immunofluorescence techniques. Tied jejunal loops were incubated in vivo with 2.5-20 mmol/l DOC in isotonic solution. Immediately after this treatment, or after a recovery period of 15 or 150 minutes following washout of the(More)
The effects of dexamethasone and promethazine on the amelioration of pulmonary oedema in East Coast fever were investigated. The clinical effects of these drugs were further investigated when used in conjunction with the antitheilerial drug, buparvaquone. In the first experiment, 15 crossbred (Friesian x Zebu) steers were divided into four groups. With the(More)
An investigation was carried out to establish the cause of mortalities during the dry season in cattle at a state livestock replacement farm at Kibaha in the Coast Region of Tanzania. Studies included a thorough review of the farm records, interviews with the farm staff, screening for parasites through examination of blood and lymph node smears, clinical(More)