J. A. Martín-Fernández

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BACKGROUND The economic value attributed by users of health services in public health systems can be useful in planning and evaluation. This value can differ from the perspectives of Willingness to Pay (WTP) and Willingness to Accept [Compensation] (WTA).Our objective was to study the perceptions of the patient about the service provided by the family(More)
The log-ratio methodology represents a powerful set of methods and techniques for statistical analysis of compositional data. These techniques may be used for the estimation of rounded zeros or values below the detection limit in cases when the underlying data are compositional in nature. An algorithm based on iterative log-ratio regressions is developed by(More)
The application of hierarchic methods of classification needs to establish in advance some or all of the following measures: difference, central tendency and dispersion, in accordance with the nature of the data. In this work, we present the requirements for these measures when the data set to classify is a compositional data set. Specific measures of(More)
BACKGROUND Burnout syndrome is an important health problem that affects many professionals and must be addressed globally, with both organizational measures and personal interventions. Burnout of health professionals can be prevented in order to avoid personal, familial, and social consequences, as well as repercussions for patients. METHODS/DESIGN This(More)
BACKGROUND Identifying the economic value assigned by users to a particular health service is of principal interest in planning the service. The aim of this study was to evaluate the perception of economic value of nursing consultation in primary care (PC) by its users. METHODS AND RESULTS Economic study using contingent valuation methodology. A total of(More)
Compositional data is frequently collected in many applied fields such as chemistry, nutrition and behaviour sciences. Formally, a compositional vector or simply a composition is defined as a D-dimensional vector x=[x 1 , x 2 ,…, x D ] such that x j >0, j= 1,…,D, subject to a constant-sum constraint x 1 +x 2 +. .. +x D =1. The log-ratio methodology (e.g.,(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of the attribution of economic value that users of a health system assign to a health service could be useful in planning these services. The method of contingent valuation can provide information about the user's perception of value in monetary terms, and therefore comparable between services of a very different nature. This(More)
In 2000 the European Statistical Office published the guidelines for developing the Harmonized European Time Use Surveys system. Under such a unified framework, the first Time Use Survey of national scope was conducted in Spain during 2002– 03. The aim of these surveys is to understand human behavior and the lifestyle of people. Time allocation data are of(More)
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