J A M Santos

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Study design: Multicenter, open, prospective, before-after study.Objective: To assess the efficacy and safety of sildenafil therapy for erectile dysfunction in patients with spinal cord injury, and the association between the response to sildenafil and factors such as causes and levels of spinal cord injury, grade of ASIA deficit, time since injury,(More)
A new method for measuring simultaneously both the extrinsic sensitivity and spatial resolution of a gamma-camera in a single planar acquisition was implemented. A dual-purpose phantom (SR phantom; sensitivity/resolution) was developed, tested and the results compared with other conventional methods used for separate determination of these two important(More)
In this paper, we report the use of the TMCVD technique for the optimisation of deposited diamond films onto Ti6Al4V substrates. A number of samples were made varying the experimental parameters. The specimen surfaces were characterised using micro Raman spectra and SEM analyses. Results show that very different surface finish (from micro to nanostructures)(More)
The active personal dosemeter, RaySafe i2, allows the measurement and record of Hp(10) in real time, every second, via wireless technology for real-time display on a portable computer and/or a local network. The system seems particularly attractive for individual monitoring at clinical facilities where high intensity and varying radiation fields may occur,(More)
A preliminary assessment of the occupational dose to the intervention radiologist received in fluoroscopy computerised tomography (CT) used to guide the collection of lung and bone biopsies is presented. The main aim of this work was to evaluate the capability of the reading system as well as of the available whole-body (WB) and extremity dosemeters used in(More)
A mechanical seal is a type of seal used in rotating equipment, such as pumps and compressors. It consists of a mechanism that assists the connection of the rotating shaft to the housings of the equipments, preventing leakage or avoiding contamination. A common cause of failure of these devices is end face wear out, thus the use of a hard, smooth and wear(More)
Although large focus has been placed into the deposition of nanocrystalline and ultra-nanocrystalline diamond films, most of this research uses microwave plasma assisted CVD systems. However, the growth conditions used in microwave systems cannot be directly used in hot-filament CVD systems. This paper, aims to enlarge the knowledge of the diamond film(More)
For a number of biomedical applications, including the development of phantoms for quality control of radiotherapy treatments and dose determination, it is important to study the radiation response of the used materials, in order to distinguish the relevant dose distribution modifications from the artifacts caused by the phantom material when subjected to(More)
Tungsten carbide alloys possess a large number of applications, due to its high hardness, high resistance to heat and to wear, which makes it ideal to be used in wear parts of machinery or on surfaces liable to corrosion, abrasion or high temperatures. For practical applications, it is alloyed with cobalt (Co) or nickel (Ni) in order to improve its(More)
The inscription of a Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) in optical fibres allows them to be used as sensors, being capable of decoding small variations of strain; temperature; pressure; loading; bending; or even refractive index, by means of a shift in the reflected wavelength. Nevertheless, broadening their sensitivity and operation range would be desirable. This(More)
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